Garden Manager Job Description

About the Well Fed
The Well Fed Community Garden WFCG is a multi-faceted, financially sustainable, urban agriculture venture which grows organic produce, hosts community and education events, and is a center for urban agriculture in Raleigh. We partner with the Irregardless Cafe and Catering in downtown Raleigh, as well as donating 20% of our bounty to volunteers and neighbors. The farm has a dual mission:
– To grow produce organically: The WFCG is committed to the principles of soil health, organic farming and intensive crop production, utilizing intercropping and season extension. To maintain fertile and healthy soil, the garden utilizes no-till practices, incorporate compost, grow cover crops, and rotate our crops annually.
– The farm is committed to building community by offering Raleigh residents innovative workshops and volunteer experiences that demonstrate healthy lifestyles focusing on diet, physical and stress-reducing activities.

Job Description
This is a full time (approx. 40hrs per week) position to manage all of the agricultural aspects of the farm. This role’s primary responsibility is to oversee produce production on the farm. The Manager will be responsible for overseeing all farm tasks, including delegating tasks to farm apprentices and weekly volunteers. They will work closely with the farm team to create an open and positive work environment.

The Manager is an energetic person who loves gardening and all things growing. They are self-disciplined, self-starter who enjoys sharing their delight in growing with the community and is dedicated to make our world a better place. This person is honest, reliable, responsible, organized, dependable and welcoming to folks of all cultures, races, identities and sexual preferences.

Duties include but are not limited to

Manage Soil of Gardens
– Manage fertility of soil with cover crops and organic soil supplements where necessary
– Periodically test soil and well water for correct levels
– Watch for any soil irregularities and pathogens, seek advice and treat organically

Plan, Garden, Manage and Harvest Vegetables and Fruits
– In coordination with Irregardless Cafe and Catering Chefs, decide on vegetable, herb and fruit crops to grow. This includes fruits and berries, asparagus and mushrooms, hydroponic produce.
– Manager is empowered to introduce and experiment with new garden methods, crops and urban agriculture techniques
– Source seeds from reliable, organic seed companies
– Plan growing season, sow seedlings and transplant as needed at the correct time, with succession planting where appropriate
– Monitor growth of produce, irrigate and watch for irregularities and treat organically when necessary
– Harvest crops as they mature, wash and prepare for use at the Cafe and Catering
– Deliver produce to Cafe and Catering for use – stay in constant dialogue with Chefs so they know to expect produce
– Weed, prune, mulch, manage the weeds. Citations have been issued by the City if the front yard becomes unruly.
– Teach and follow Good Agricultural Practices or GAP in regards to Harvest, Wash and Pack
– If Cafe & Catering cannot use all the produce, then arrange to sell to wholesalers for additional garden income
– Manage and guide volunteers and hire and manage seasonal interns or apprentices to assist with the above.

Garden Equipment & Property:
– Determine equipment and supply needs for the garden, and, with the Gordon’s, decide to purchase;
– Maintain all equipment in good working order, ensuring that all tools and equipment are treated with respect and not abused;
– Performing maintenance as necessary and with the Gordon’s help hire trades to fix home and property as needed.

Pollinator Garden:
– The Well Fed Community Garden’s front garden (in front of the house), is called the Pollinator Garden. It contains:
– Many flowering plants that attract and sustain pollinators
– Fruit trees: Pear, Apple, Peach, Eldeberry, Fig, Persimmon, Pomegranate, Service Berry
– Fruiting vines: Passion fruit, Kiwi Berry, Grapes (still to be planted)
– Herbs: many varieties including chives, thyme, oregano, tarragon, lavender, dill & fennel, Bay leaves …
– Tea plants, Asparagus,
– This garden wants to be inviting and well groomed, as well as providing an inviting environment for pollinators of all kinds, as well as for neighbors to walk in and enjoy.
– The weekly ‘Wine & Weeds’ volunteer event is held in this Pollinator Garden.

Chicken Husbandry:
– Managing all the needs of the Chicken flock, from sourcing chicks, nurturing their growth, purchasing organic feed, providing correct amounts of grain and water, ensuring that the chicken’s habitat is clean and that the chickens are healthy.

Managing Garden Apprentices:
– Access, with the assistance of the Gordon’s, the needs for interns or apprentices
– Designing advertisements, internet and word of mouth ways to communicate the apprenticeship openings at the Garden
– Select good candidates from applications, interview and hire apprentices
– Direct and supervise apprentices’ work at the garden, provide feedback and motivate them to do their best work,

Managing Garden Volunteers:
– Provide a variety of opportunities for volunteers to make a contribution to the Garden in a manner that they are able to,
– Communicate to the community the various volunteer opportunities at the Garden, via social media, e-newsletters, word of mouth, speaking engagements to classes and groups….
– Direct and supervise volunteers’ work at the garden, provide feedback and motivate them to do their best work,
– Provide compensation to the volunteers in the form of produce, eggs, meals.

Financial Management
– Maintain records of the amount and value of produce harvested and ‘sold’ to the Cafe & Catering
– Manage the income/expenses of the Garden, with the assistance of the Gordons

Serve as an example of Urban Agriculture
The Well Fed Community Garden is an example of Urban Agriculture in Raleigh, and the Manager would serve as an educator and leader in the community by providing opportunities for community members to experience food production. This would include welcoming volunteers into the Garden in appropriate ways – building on the weekly Thursday morning and monthly Saturday morning volunteer sessions, planning monthly workshops and conducting Open House Garden Tours, among other methods.
– The Manager will also represent the WFCG in the community, attending relevant urban agriculture events and possibly speaking on behalf of the Garden to interested groups at their location. There are several power point documents (currently out of date) which may be corrected and used.
– The Manager will also continue and develop the relationships built by previous managers with Athens Drive High School, Farm to School, NC State students and professors, Raleigh City and Wake County Agriculture professionals and a number of groups from the community, who know the Garden.
– With the Gordons, the Manager will interface and partner with other urban agriculture, organic farming and food sustainability groups in the city: e.g. NC State’s Agroecology Farm, CEFS, CFSA, Interfaith Food Shuttle, Raleigh City Farm…etc.
– These responsibilities will be shared with the Agro-tourism Coordinator. The Manager is empowered to experiment with innovative methods to involve the community.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
The Garden Manager must successfully demonstrate the right knowledge and ability to work on an organic production vegetable farm. They must be able to work well with others, have good interpersonal skills, and be comfortable working with people of diverse ages and backgrounds. This person must show that they can carefully demonstrate farm safety and clearly communicate and delegate tasks to others. They must be willing to work under all weather conditions (heat, rain, etc.), have good time management skills, and be self-motivated. The Garden Manager must be comfortable working outdoors, year-round and must be comfortable standing and walking for long periods of time, able to bend at the knees and hips, and lift up to 50 pounds.

Current Compensation:
Irregardless, Inc. agrees to pay the manager at $15.00 per hour (or the equivalent in partial exchange for free housing) for approx. 40 hours per week. Future compensation and or bonuses will be based on value of produce harvested and leadership in the community. All farm staff will have access to fresh fruits, vegetables and eggs grown of the farm, in addition to a 50% employee discount dining at The Irregardless Cafe. Future compensation will be based on value of produce harvested.

Preferred candidates will verbally commit to at least a yearlong position.

Please email with the subject line “Garden Manager Application”, a cover letter, a resume, and 2 references. Priority will be given to applications received before April 1st. We hope to fill this position by mid-April.

The Well Fed Community Garden does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), sex, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.