our teas

Our Teas

Local NC Herbal “Teas” and Spices

Grown and Produced by The Well Fed Community Garden

All teas and spices are $4 each

T E A S:

Seasonal Harmony: Rosemary, sage, tulsi, yarrow leaves and violas

In honor of Earth Day, this tea is composed of herbs picked from each season of the year. Rosemary is from Winter, Sage is from Fall, Tulsi is from Summer and the yarrow and violas are from Spring. Good iced or hot.


Mountain Mint: mountain mint leaves

It has a soothing aroma that is good for fighting off that run down feeling. It is great for clearing out the sinuses.


Garden Mist: mountain mint, oregano, and thyme leaves

This blend has the fresh scent of forest rain. It is the perfect blend to help support your immune system and improve digestion.


***To steep, use 2-3 tsp of each tea in a mug of boiling water and boil for 2-5 minutes depending on strength preference***


S P I C E S :

Oregano: great for pizzas, chili, or on any Italian food.

Chives: great on a baked potato, in scrambled eggs sauteed in butter, or baked in bread.

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