Our Team

Heather Szaro

Heather has been farming since 2011. A graduate of Appalachian State’s sustainable agriculture program, Heather spent 5 years living, learning and farming in the Blue Ridge Mountains, until she moved to Paraguay in 2015 to serve as an Agriculture Extensionist Volunteer in the Peace Corps. There she lived and worked in a small rural community, educating community members on sustainable garden and farming practices, better nutrition and most importantly: how to make biscuits.


With a passion for the human connection to agriculture, Heather seeks to engage the community, fostering an atmosphere where people from all life experiences and backgrounds can come together to discover the astounding wonder that is pulling a carrot from the ground.

Janette Adams

Janette is our Produce Manager and resident Farmer! Originally from Pennsylvania, Janette has worked on farms in the Triangle area since 2014.  She got her start as an intern at a farm in Pennsylvania and after working in education at the St. Louis Botanical Garden decided to move back east and get back into farming.


Janette loves how there is always something to learn in farming and is excited to continue learning and growing at the Well Fed Community Garden. She enjoys hiking with her dog Taz and exploring the bike trails in Raleigh.


Janette’s favorite vegetable changes with the season, but a fresh picked sweet carrot is always welcome.

Dahlia the Farm Dog

Dahlia is the new farm dog here at Well Fed. She and Heather came to be family forever thanks to the relentless encouragement of a most beloved friend while serving in the Peace Corps in Paraguay. She was so loved Heather couldn’t imagine being without her, so she flew to her new home in North Carolina in October of 2017. Dahlia is very excited to be back out on the farm once again, and can not get enough of leaping about as we go about our daily work. She especially enjoys cuddles, watermelon, rides in the farm truck and anything stinky to roll around in.

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