Our Team

Tami Purdue

Tami Purdue, owner and operator of Sweet Peas Urban Gardens, and her shipping container of microgreens are  now located at The Well Fed Community Garden!


She is trained as an accountant and has a twenty year track record managing a very successful law practice in the Triangle. Her own “foodie” journey led her from rapt engagement with entertainment cooking, to organic gardening, to a profound fascination with all the ways food culture underlies manifold concerns of health, justice, identity and personal expression. What started out as avocation has turned into an ardent quest to seek mentors and fellowship, to fuse blue sky thinking with cash register reality, and to weaving a brocade of allies from the Interfaith Food Shuttle to NCSU to going businesses like The Produce Box, Giorgios Group, and Farm to Fork Meat (a North Raleigh clean food CSA), to name a couple.

Dahlia the Farm Dog

Dahlia is the new farm dog here at Well Fed. She and Heather came to be family forever thanks to the relentless encouragement of a most beloved friend while serving in the Peace Corps in Paraguay. She was so loved Heather couldn’t imagine being without her, so she flew to her new home in North Carolina in October of 2017. Dahlia is very excited to be back out on the farm once again, and can not get enough of leaping about as we go about our daily work. She especially enjoys cuddles, watermelon, rides in the farm truck and anything stinky to roll around in.

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