Private Rentals


We can accommodate for any occasion, from Corporate gatherings such as appreciation dinners for your team or board, team building sessions, and retirement parties to Social gatherings such as weddings, rehearsal dinners, showers, birthday parties, graduation celebrations, memorials, and more.

Enjoy meals prepared with fresh-from-the-garden produce: from casual pizzas baked in the Garden’s own oven to more formal meals that can be buffet-style or plated. Ask us about arranging musicians, storytelling for all ages, drumming circles, and more…


To arrange an event, please email


Review from a Farm Lunch participant:

My husband and I attended The Well Fed Community Garden’s Farmily Farm Lunch today and we loved it! So happy! The Garden Manager there even sent me on my way with a Mountain Mint plant which is already planted in my bee /butterfly garden. Thank you so much!


The price of admission was nothing for the experience we received. Raleigh is AWESOME! ( moved here 2 yrs ago from AZ by choice for weather and more ). We haven’t even been to the restaurant yet!


We even met another couple like us, transplants, and hopefully, we’ll get together soon! You could really feel the sense of community. I think an urban garden like this can help people with depression, addictions, divorce, loss of a loved one.… It’s all about planting a new root, growing, flowering, reaping and connecting. We LOVED it! Thank you so much. Best money I have spent!

Thank you Arthur and Anya. I didn’t even know you were the owners or I would have asked for an autograph. I respect people like you so much. At least now I have my mint to remember you by.


~Love and regards, Rachelle and Ian