What is in Season: September 2018

September brought us more summer vegetables like peppers and okra, the start of fall vegetables, and some beautiful flowers in our pollinator garden! Here is a sample from the garden.

The okra and pepper plants are still doing well out in the field and the peppers are as sweet as ever.

Hibiscus is in the same family as okra.  We started harvesting the seed pods this month to dry and make our own herbal teas.

Keep an eye out for our hibiscus tea and a new digestion tea at the Irregardless Cafe!

Dehydrator full of mint, tulsi, and lemon balm drying for the digestion tea.

Our second planting of Buddha beans, a type of green bean, is in bloom and the beans are fresh and crisp right off the vine.

Our sweet potatoes have been doing great, providing a prolific amount of scrumptious greens for the Irregardless Cafe. We will be harvesting our sweet potatoes at our Sweet Potato Harvest Party Sunday Oct 14th and welcome any volunteers who would like to come get their hands in the dirt at the Well Fed Community Garden to help harvest these terrific tubers!

September has brought the first harvests of some of our fall crops.

Fennel growing in the fields.

Our spicy greens mix consists of nasturtium greens and flowers, mustard greens, tatsoi, and arugula.

The firsts of our carrots germinated this month.

Our pollinator garden has some summer and fall flowers in bloom.  Here are a few samples of what you can find adding color to the garden.


Obedient flower

Wild onion