Well Fed Community Garden seeks three hard-working, passionate and committed farm apprentices to assist in all aspects of production on our 3/4 acre urban farm.  The vegetable apprentice positions run through October with the option to stick around for the winter growing season.


Farm apprentices will be trained in each of the following production areas and take ownership over one or more.




  • Support no-till crop production on the farm, including integrated pest management, greenhouse propagation, high tunnel production, transplanting, sowing, weeding, irrigating, fertilizing, and harvesting.
  • Compost operations on the farm
  • Care and maintenance of chicken flocks as needed, including feeding, watering, cleaning, moving mobile coop, and processing of eggs for distribution.
  • Infrastructure development, irrigation, farm maintenance, cleanliness and organization, distribution efforts, occasional deliveries, and farm stand/farmers’ market shifts.
  • Farm stand and post-harvest pack shed.
  • Operate within and promote a culture of GAP food safety practices through actions and recordkeeping.




  • The most important skills we seek out in an apprentice are a willingness to learn and work hard
  • Strong communication, interpersonal, and relationship development skills.
  • Ability to be open and flexible to new ways of working with diverse communities.
  • Creative skills and ability to experiment to attain new, better strategies, approaches, and solutions to


  • Flexibility and willingness to take on a variety of tasks along with an ability to work effectively in a highly

collaborative team environment.

  • Strong work ethic and ability to perform strenuous physical labor in inclement weather.
  • Detail oriented.
  • Cooperative, service-oriented attitude and ability to work independently and take initiative, set

priorities, and see projects through to completion.

  • Knowledge of plant life, food production, natural systems, engineering, animal husbandry is welcome but not required.




Apprentices will work up to 12 hours per week depending on their schedules. The Garden Manager will work with the apprentice to set a weekly schedule. Work can be completed on the farm Monday-Sunday  from sunup to sun down depending on what works best for the apprentice and the farms’ operations.

Farm Apprentices are compensated from the produce sales’ net profits based on their hours worked on the farm and the amount of product sold. We are piloting many new things at the farm this year, including the compensation for all farmers. Apprentices will also have access to fresh vegetables from the farm.

Application process for 2023 apprenticeships will open in December of 2022