What’s in Season: October 2019


Fall at the garden brings crisp mornings and a bounty of different produce.

Above is Farmer Heather holding a particularly long daikon radish!

Our high tunnel, the most recent addition to our garden and one that has taken over a year to complete, is now in full production! Check out the beautiful cucumbers that are being harvested right now. We are hoping this high tunnel continues to help us with season extension.

These are our purple Yard Long Beans, also known as Noodle Beans. You can find them in Irregardless Cafe‘s weekly Vegetable Plate!

Above are cucamelons, a vine-grown, edible fruit. Originated from Mexico, they are about the size of grapes and taste like cucumbers with a tinge of sourness.

The cool weather also readies the turmeric and baby ginger from their summer-long rest in the ground inside our caterpillar tunnel. Fun fact: baby ginger grows well in NC, unlike the regular store-bought mature ginger. Another bonus of growing baby ginger is that it is less potent and more tender.

Come have a taste of our harvest for yourself! We sell 80% of our produce to the Irregardless Cafe and we give 20% back to our community. When you come to the cafe, you’ll get to taste the lovely creations the chef makes with our produce and have a grand ole time with their nightly live music!